Photo Phones/Amplifiers

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Ever try to remember which saved number is your son/daughter/friend’s number? Well, with the advent of photo phones, life just got a whole lot easier.

Photo phones store numbers just as a regular memory phone does but, instead of having to remember whose number is whose, your senior citizen loved one can just push the picture and be connected via telephone to the one they wanted to contact! And, most of the photo phones on the market amplify speech too. Brilliant if you ask me. Just do a quick programming and add the pictures to the phone, wrap it up and, voila! It’s the best Christmas present ever!

I’ve also found that fancy cordless phones confuse the heck out of the elderly. My Mom would just set it down without turning it off. She immediately knew how to use a corded phone though. Yet another reason to buy a photo phone.

Photo phones come in different flavors so make sure that, whatever one you choose, has enough buttons to hold the photos.

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Oy, I don’t even want to think how difficult it used to be to talk to my father on the phone. Sadly, we missed some great conversations as his side of the conversation was usually ‘What? Speak up!’ I used to get so frustrated until I bought him a telephone amplifier. Poof – problem gone. Just make sure to check for compatibility with the phone you want to hook to the amplifier. I made that mistake and ended up buying a compatible photo phone anyway.

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