M2 = 2.5 (D) x 5.3 (H)
M4 = 3.2 (D) x 8.5 (H)
ML6 = 4.3 (D) x 7.6 (H)
M6 = 3.2 (D) x 11.5 (H)
M7 = 4.3 (D) x 9.1 (H)
M9/C = 4.3 (D) x 11 (H)

Easy to install with a space saving design, a non-interference with folding and storage mount, and most with a nylon screw to reduce noise, tank holders are more than just a convenience for those who require the use of an oxygen tank.

Portable Oxygen Tank Holders – Backpack Style

These soft backpacks are the most portable oxygen holders on the market. Some even have additional pockets that can carry a wallet, magazine, or snacks.

 Eva Medical Oxygen Cylinder Backpack Bag M6/M9 Cylinders Oxygen Tank Backpack with pockets for M6 & C tanks Cylinder Carrying Bags, Black, Backpack Style with High-quality Padded Nylon Fabric Cramer Decker Medical CD1005 M6/M9 Backpack

Portable Oxygen Carriers – Purse Style

/strong>For those fashion forward folks, here’s some purses that are specially adapted for oxygen cartridges.

 Oxygen purse in Marsala Crossbody Purse in black with detachable scarf in blue Cylinder Portable Oxygen Bag (Gold) Crossbody Purse in Tan for Oxygen Tanks

Portable Oxygen Tank Holders – Walker or Wheelchair Style


 OXYGEN TANK HOLDER JO2W for Walker Rollator Walking Aid Tube mount O2H carrier TO2TE E Size Oxygen Tank Holder for Walkers Walker Oxygen Tank Holder E Cylinders Tank Holder – Model 562166 Ableware Wheelchair Oxygen Tank Holder, Mini EZ-ACCESS ories Wheelchair Dual Oxygen (d&e), 1.25 Pounds AdirMed Oxygen Cylinder Bag for Wheelchairs (D & E Cylinders)